Style Master

Style Master 4.6

Take control of CSS without learning all the code

Style Master is a CSS editor: you use it to create and edit cascading style sheets. But as well as all the tools you would expect for simply editing CSS, Style Master has numerous features that will help you with lots of high level tasks.

With Style Master you can:

  • Develop style sheets that are both good looking and valid and apply them to your web sites. Do this with hand coding, using editors, or with our sophisticated interactive preview in the Design Pane.
  • Seamlessly create new style sheets from old HTML documents, accelerating the process of updating legacy materials.
  • Build table free page layouts quickly and easily with our web standards based templates and wizards.
  • Validate your style sheet as you go. With Style Master's editors and syntax warnings it's pretty hard to make a mistake anyway - but just in case you want to validate as well, we have the tools.
  • Optimize your style sheets for even faster page loading.
  • Preview using any document, anywhere: even if it's online or inside a CMS system.

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Style Master


Style Master 4.6